When Abbey started Roco Swim, she thought it was answering the need for cute, affordable swimwear for her little one (because why do most little boy clothes have to have the worst designs?!) …BUT she quickly realized it was to answer a much deeper calling: to help people know they are important and empower them to shine confidently. While that may seem like a lot of pressure to put on some fabric and thread, it truly is the heart of Roco Swim.
That is why founder Abbey lovingly creates each design to ensure the suits are as unique as you and your littles! From there, quality materials, like UPF 50+ fabric, are sourced to keep you and your littles safe. These materials and patterns ensure a comfortable fit that is perfect for adventures and making memories. Abbey understands firsthand the importance of feeling safe and comfortable. As a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, she is on a mission to help others feel empowered, safe, and comfortable to radiate light. So each time you slip into a Roco swimsuit, we hope you also slip into your power! And at Roco, we are committed to helping others slip into their power beyond swimwear. That is why we donate yearly to Child Crisis Arizona to help every child shine a little brighter too! So shine on, babes! And thank you for all your support in bringing our dreams to life!